HANElytics™ and Big Data Solutions


Reddyinfotech specializes in analytics to capture the data from various sources and drive action through insights to improve your business operations: Revenue, Margins and Operating Expenses – Powered by SAP HANA.Our solution, HANElytics™ brings in best of the breed– HADOOP with high storage performance and HANA that will provide real time analytics.

HANElytics™ is a rapid deployment solution which is designed to provide Real-time Analytics on Big data distributed across several clusters. HANElytics not only enables Enterprise grade real time analytics, but also gives a platform to combine structured enterprise data with unstructured data at massive scale (Petabytes or even zetabytes) data lakes such as Hadoop. HANElytics™ provides reduced costs through cost efficient data storage (commodity hardware) and processing for large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data such as web logs, machine data, genome data and much more.

HANElytics™ provides the Cloud based framework which allows to lower the costs and also quickly build the prototype, test and move onto setting up the actual production environments. HANElytics ™ uses Spark Controller to leverage the power of Apache Spark to enable heavily recursive algorithms, machine learning, & queries that cannot be easily expressed in SQL. HANElytics integrates with Big Data Hadoop Framework to provide a reliable, scalable and fault tolerant system to house the unstructured raw data and perform analysis by creating mashups between Enterprise.

Scope of HANElytics™ covers following modules: Hadoop Cluster, SAP HANA Appliance, Integration of SAP HANA Appliance with Hadoop cluster and Data Federation with Interactive Reports/Dashboards.

Value Proposition:

  • Pre-Configured SOLUTION for HADOOP/ HANA integration.
  • Optimize cost by up to 50 % with cost efficient storage.
  • Best of the breed: Performance + Big Data + Cost.
  • Blend of massive storage and real time analytics solution.
  • Fast deployment with Cloud based framework 30-40% faster.


Features and Functions

HANElytics ™ offers a pre-packaged SAP HANA/HADOOP extension:


Solution Framework

HANElytics ™ is a rapid deployment solution which is designed to provide Real-time Analytics on Big data distributed across several clusters.

Case #1: Improving Genome Analysis – MKI, Japan

Genome analysis is the technique used to determine and compare the genetic sequence (e.g. DNA in the chromosomes).
MKI ( ran same-query comparisons between SAP HANA and a conventional database, and SAP HANA completed one process 400,000 times faster. MKI saw that SAP HANA could become the foundation for a real-time genome analysis platform by incorporating SAP HANA with R Integration and Hadoop to store, pre-process, compute, and analyze data.


Case #2:Case Study (Global FMCG) – Integrated Enterprise Data with Big Data real time…

Integrate downstream data to drive increased sales, efficiencies to working capital, and customer collaboration in the area of Supply Chain, Marketing, Customer Management and Predictive science. For example, Consumer companies can use HANELytics™ to

  • Predict ROI and Sales lift by each Promotional event
  • Sales Prediction based on POS, Shipments, Trade promotions, Weather data, Social and Twitter data.
  • Compare Promotion ROI and Lift calculations with actuals by customer/ market Segmentation. Based on lessons learnt, for the next cycle, we need to revise and spread the promotional events accordingly.