HANEYA™ – S/4 HANA Migration Tool

SAP S/4 HANA and HANA Migration

SAP latest offering next generation business Suite for HANA or hana-certifiedS/4 HANA comes with the best enterprise SAP solutions till date, designed to meet ever increasing demands of the customers in this digital economy. S/4 HANA is fast becoming the go-to solution for enterprises where performance and processing power is utmost importance and provides its customer more time to concentrate on the things that matters to them.

All of the planned SAP S/4HANA implementations and innovations require SAP HANA, so migration to SAP HANA is a matter of “how” instead of “if” and “when” to implement them. HANA migration from current non sap databases such as Oracle, DB2 on Z/OS, MSSQL, SYBASE to HANA database don’t need to be a difficult and lengthy process with HANEYA®.

HANEYA™ – Accelerator for SAP HANA Migration

HANEYA™, our pre-packaged migration solution encapsulates all migration activities together to handle the HANA migration in an automated fashion with minimal human interaction.

HANEYA‘s proven methodologies, and capabilities of data migration enable us to help our clients in their journey to SAP HANA and making the migration smooth, rapid, and easier for them, allows our clients to take advantage of SAP HANA’s in-memory, column-oriented capabilities as early as possible by making implementation very fast with minimal downtime, saving the money, and improving return of investment.

HANEYA will support single tenant and multi-tenant data migrations and also supports migrations with acquisitions and divestitures.

To help our clients to speed up their migration process we have developed an extension to HANEYA called HANEYA Optimizer which identifies custom objects, reports and scan for conflicts or obsoletes in the current SAP system and replaces the conflicts automatically to make the custom objects compatible with SAP HANA and this will reduce the human interaction needed during migration tremendously and speeds up the migration process by almost 30-50%. With HANEYA Optimizer the resources needed for migration will be reduced by 70-80% and our customers will realize the process automation benefits immediately.

s4 migration tool

Migration to SAP HANA

To work with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, customers can either migrate to SAP HANA, build up a new system landscape, or use SAP HANA together with their existing core system.

S/4 HANA, SFIN (Simple Finance), and SLOG (Simple Logistics) have the capability of drastically simplifying an organizations data models. However, many customers of SAP who have purchased HANA earlier are not quite ready to take the leap to these solutions. That is where our accelerator HANEYA comes into picture.  HANEYA taking advantage of HANA side car capabilities allows clients to leverage their HANA investment like never before by redirecting the database requests from their standard database to HANA, significant performance improvements can be achieved.

Migration approach – Migration vs Greenfield vs Sidecar
Migration refers to the migration of an existing SAP Business Suite system on any DB to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. This is normally a project combining the upgrade of the release and the migration of the database from any DB to SAP HANA.

Greenfield installation refers to data migration from the existing system into a completely new SAP HANA environment and reusing the existing system hardware while only replacing the database hardware.

Sidecar or Brownfield migration refers to migration from existing systems, upgrading and reusing existing system applications and modules selectively.

Migration and Deployment Options with HANEYA®
HANEYA supports both On-premise and On cloud migrations of SAP HANA. If you are not sure which deployment option will suits you best, talk to our team of experts and they will advise you what is the best solution for you.

As one of the SAP’s leading partners, we will bring you the best and latest knowledge, experience, skills and tools to enable the most efficient and effective migration approach. We also offer a range of unique set of proprietary tools and accelerators that can help our clients to accelerate and get most out of SAP HANA implementations. To know more about our offerings and range of solutions, talk to our experts.