Master Data Management

Our Master Data Migration Solution focuses on getting data business ready for SAP upgrade or implementation. It comprises of processes, tools and accelerators to cleanse, migrate, validate the legacy data and go-live with perfect data. We have a strong bench strength in the data services space, and our leadership team has ~15 years of experience in the master data management and data migrations. Our comprehensive offerings include Data Audit, Data Quality as a service, legacy Data Archiving solution, and Data Governance. We are specialized in Data Migrations, Monitoring Data Quality, composing and conduct migrations to make the data business ready before SAP go-live. In our solution, we emphasize on Master Data driving key business processes effectively with zero errors – the process quality is directly tied to data quality. Our practitioners also have SQL and VB scripting experience to complement SAP master data requirements.

Our Migratum tool automates the data cleansing, data dialysis, data migration and preserves data integrity and quality of business ready data. It will help with the data mapping, verification and auto validations esp. with GRC and HANA upgrades. Below are our sample clients with description of the work we led for these clients: