Migratum – Data Migration Solution

Migratum tool automates the data cleansing, data dialysis and data migration solution and make the data business ready. It will help with the data mapping, verification and auto validations esp with GRC and HANA upgrades.

Our mission is to address key pain points in the industry by leveraging GRC, ERP and HANA platforms. The main challenges facing the industry are demonstrating value and differentiation while being profitable and achieving growth.

Data Management is a longest pole in the tent for any SAP and S/4 HANA implementation. Reddyinfotech Migratum product mitigates the risks and addressees the business challenges by preserving high data quality thru out the business processes:

Migration Risks

  • Data is sufficient for legacy systems, but not for SAP
  • Lack of accurate documentation for legacy systems
  • Poor data quality in source systems
  • Errors detected late in project lifecycle leads to re-work and delays
  • Data management requirements draw resources from subsequent rollouts

Process Issues

  • Unable to Ship Product
  • Unable to cut a PO
  • Unable to Manufacture material
  • Cannot Plan or Sell
  • No Warehouse Management
  • Cannot Release Planned Orders
  • Incorrect pricing of goods and services

Object Issues

  • Duplicate Vendor. Confusion
  • Incorrect Address, failed delivery
  • No Tax Jurisdiction, Incorrect Tax Calculation

Field Level Issues

  • Unable to call supplier due to missing or incomplete phone number

Our approach to data migration is Get data right “the first time”, Start Early and Build a Sustainable Process..

  • Start gathering, analyzing and cleansing legacy data before the start of the design phase
  • Use Migratum to rapidly automate the source to target mapping
  • Use rapid generator to automate data extraction from SAP system
  • Load business ready data to support testing

Our Value Proposition

Our Migratum solution establishes an industrialized approach for migrating voluminous legacy data for SAP deployments.

Our Solution

  • Reduces the risk for SAP implementations by delivering a proven methodology for data migration
  • Proactively surface customer issues and address before they become critical-path
  • Improves business process execution by increasing information accuracy
  • Delivers a repeatable and reusable infrastructure that can be leveraged for multiple SAP deployments and for ongoing enterprise integration, quality and governance
  • Finally, Using our Migratum toolset, the data migration and cleansing occurs 30-40% faster compared to traditional method of  data migration  for SAP  implementation as described below: