VSoft Hybris™

VSoft Hybris is a rapid deployment solution which is designed for Web commerce for various customer types. An eCommerce platform for Web Ordering, Channel Mgt, Pricing, Quotes and Payments. Distributors log into web commerce, place orders, inquire about the products, price the items, and check on the order status. In addition, it helps design customer channels and systems to facilitate and enable Web commerce.

Omni Channeling is a key differentiator for Wholesale and CPG companies, and it offers a compelling strategic advantage. E-Commerce is a key differentiator for the companies. It will help reach out and target various types of customers and segments and penetrate into the market. Customers are mobile and home working majority. Given the shift in life styles changes and Demo graphics/habits, it defines we see  e-business happening across the the globe. Customers may not have time to stop by at Branches, Retail Outlets and utilize Kiosks to order their products any longer. Mobile and remote working are the way of life now, and this phenomenon is defining how CPG, Wholesale, Retail, and Manufacturing companies go to market and sell their products. Customers would like to see Web ordering as the preferred way as they can leverage mobile and web channels –  They log into web commerce, place orders, inquire about the products, price and place orders very successfully. Companies and distributors need to design their channels and systems to facilitate and enable virtual and digital working styles going forward. Below is the strategic roadmap, we recommend for our clients.

e-Commerce Capability Roadmap


In a recent forum with a senior executive and VP of Supply Chain from a global Consumer Products company confirms that omni-channeling is very core to the company’s business strategy and provides competitive advantage to the companies .

Companies have multiple customer types and their habits and styles differ – especially for distributors and neighborhood retailer clients, they would like to go on-line and conduct business including the following functions:

  • Pricing functions retrieve real time material price and customer specific product price from ERP to front end commerce solution.
  • Shopping cart and checkout features
  • ATP – Out of stock inventory manager with back order for out of stock items
  • Pre-configured to offer product substitutes when out of stock
  • Integrated with FedEx for delivery charges
  • Order history and tracking, option to re-order from previous orders
  • Products saved in cart for customer return
  • Recurring orders can be scheduled automatically
  • Fully encrypted for secure login and secure transactions
  • Integrated with FedEx for delivery charges

Using Hybris and its accelerators,Reddyinfotech Inc. and its Eco system has added enhancements for a more robust ecommerce solution designed primarily for distributors. Vsoft applies industry best practices with Hybris technology to create an effective formula that optimizes and supports critical ecommerce functions. Below is our VSoft-Hybris Solution incorporating the above needs and desires of our customers.

VSoft-Hybris Solution


Value Proposition

In addition to the convenience factor, below is a compelling value proposition, customers and distributors see from the e-commerce channeling:

  • Upsell channel for driving revenue opportunities
  • Reduced cost of channeling. Hence, lower TCO.
  • Pricing refreshes real time
  • Speed to market
  • Dynamic fulfillment, Modification and changes to customer order
  • Advanced Delivery notifications
  • Digital Supply Chains
  • Inter-connected supply chains using IOT
  • Satisfied Customers